Scrum Success Stories

Scrum has been popular of late and it seems that there should be plenty of success stories to go around.

Additionally, Scrum is supposed to result in the release of product to the market rapidly, that “delights” customers and users.

So, do we have examples of such product that we are being delighted by, and has been rapidly delivered?

I’m looking to catalog evidence of Scrum being used to deliver product that is used in the broad marketplace; whether it’s iPhone, android, zynga or anything else that is mostly relevant (eg, not niche).

If you know of a Scrum success (or failure) feel free to post it.

Reports must at least show: The name of the product and company, how they used Scrum (with what if any modifications), and it’s relevance to software development.

To be fair and balanced, failure reports are also welcome with the same criterion.


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4 Responses to Scrum Success Stories

  1. Mike Pearce says:

    I’ve got some examples, but just to be clear, what do you mean by niche? Also, does it have to be software? Or can we cite examples from other industries/fields?

    • PostAgilist says:

      Hi Mike

      Software only… I’m looking for examples of products that are publicly available, and impact peoples lives in a meaningful way.

      If you or anyone has examples that you feel fit those criterion feel free to post them. To me “niche” is something that is so, well, “niche”, that a success or failure in that area would not be relevant to the population at large.


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