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The Quest for the One True Way

One thing that has always confused me about the “agile movement” is their quest to find the One True Way of managing software projects, which is best for ALL software projects. This has never made sense to me; there are … Continue reading

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Do Solid Engineering and Business Practices need New Age/Eastern Religion/Anti-Capitalist leanings to succeed?

I would suggest that the answer is no.  They should be able to stand for themselves. However, in “agile” land, New Age, Eastern Religious thinking, and anti-capitalist leanings are the norm. What does that tell us about agile then? What … Continue reading

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Responding to Change over Following a Plan = Technical Debt

So, in this post, I will demonstrate that following agile methodologies in general, and the agile manifesto in particular, will lead to the accumulation of technical debt. As we know, the ‘festo states that they value “Responding to Change Over … Continue reading

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Agile is a Placebo and that’s Fine, Claims noted Agile Author

“Fearless Change : Patterns for Introducing New Ideas” author Linda Rising gave a talk recently where she described the placebo effect and it’s “benefits”. For those who are unaware, it is well known that patients believe they will get better … Continue reading

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