Do Solid Engineering and Business Practices need New Age/Eastern Religion/Anti-Capitalist leanings to succeed?

I would suggest that the answer is no.  They should be able to stand for themselves.

However, in “agile” land, New Age, Eastern Religious thinking, and anti-capitalist leanings are the norm.

What does that tell us about agile then?

What is obvious — that they recommend flimsy practices, and try to prop it up as something that the Buddha has blessed.

Let’s get rid of the new age, mystical fluff and other nonsense in software development and agile.

Additionally, solid engineering and business practices should succeed regardless of the political structure of the organization.

Throwing out management and turning things into some sort of commune should not be a requirement to succeed in software.

These people are radicals who’s purpose is to advance their social agenda.

If they want to be communists or new agers, that is fine, and they can do that on their own time, not try to hijack software engineering and use that as a vehicle for their spiritual or political issues.

Let’s keep politics, religion, and mysticism out of software engineering.


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Architect, Manager, Developer, Musician, Post-Agile thought leader
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