New York Post Agilists

In good news for post agilism, a group of PostAgilists is gathering in NYC tonight.

This is great and I’d like to see these types of activities springing up in cities around the world!

For those attending in NYC feel free to post some comments as to what was uncovered and discussed to share with your fellow postagilists!

About postagilist

Architect, Manager, Developer, Musician, Post-Agile thought leader
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1 Response to New York Post Agilists

  1. I’m the organizer of the “New York Post-Agilists” Meetup. Unfortunately, only one person showed up for the first meeting; but, then again, I’d chosen a bad night and venue: a bar on a Friday night. Next time, I’ll choose more wisely. By the way, I cannot say with enough enthusiasm just how encouraging it is for me to have found this blog about post-agilism. As I’ve put it, “the Reformation will, of course, be fanatically resisted”. Gotta take the long-view.

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