My most Relevant posts on Agile organized for your Tight Timeline

Note: This is a sticky post and not necessarily the most recent. Scroll down for the most recent postings..

However if you are new to this blog you should definitely read this post!

Since blogs in general and this one in particular tend to highlight recent postings, and since reading my recent postings alone might lack context,  I’ve decided to curate many of my most relevant blog postings together in an order that will provide the most context for the reader.

Post Agilism: Moving beyond the Outdated and Misdirected aspects of Agile

A Flattened Cost of Change Curve: An economic analysis

 The High Cost of Emergent Design/Subsequent Refactorings

By Popular Request: What my Approach Is

The flawed rhetoric about “Scrum” and “Organizational Dysfunction”

Is the Agile Community still “uncovering better ways of developing software…” or just debating whether to implement Scrum or Kanban?

Scrum as the new “Command and Control”

Is Scrum just a series of Mini Waterfalls?

Rhetorical Anti-Patterns in Scrum and XP

Agile and Waterfall are two sides of the Exact Same Coin

And some Humor with a heaping dose of truth

Howto: Create and Promote a new (but popular) Agile Methodolology

Scrum Deprogramming Seminars Coming to a City Near You

The New New Agile Manifesto

Planet of the Extreme Programmers

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