Challenges in Mobile Development

As I’ve been working in the mobile field quite a bit lately I’ve identified some “pain points” related to mobile development.

Since I’ve been involved in software development since it predated Mobile and even the Web, I’m surprised at how chaotic and frustrating mobile is compared to more traditional endeavors.

Here are some I’ve identified

  • Unlimited Parrotism — although one might think, that, mobile would be filled with unique applications, in fact, what clients are hiring for is a lot of “me 3” type stuff. Yet another Skype. Yet another livingsocial. Yet another uber. But catered to some niche. *Yawn*
  • Ridiculously Short Time Frames — I remember when a 6 month project was a short project. Then when a 3 month project was a short project. Now, people want a full fledged app, on “all” android devices, in 3 weeks. Um sure?
  • Lack of Understanding that there is R & D: There isn’t just execution there is you know, like Research and stuff? Valuable? R&D? With an R?
    Sprint 0? Heresy! Sprinting at all? Stupidity! Just whip the field hands. ‘Nuff said?
  • Clueless newbie managers — Out there to whip the devs who have 10x more experience than they do to follow their cargo cult scrum process down the rabbit hole.
  • Signing Meaningless NDA’s just to have a discussion — OK, your knockoff of uber has zero intellectual property. And you want some sweat equity deal or $10/hr rate. OK, so why make everyone spend time and money on this NDA stuff? Just say your idea. Money is in the execution. I don’t have time to waste on your NDA’s and if I do sign them it’s only because they are worthless since there was no consideration (eg, money paid). Enough with this NDA stuff

Feel free to add to the list especially with suggestions on overcoming some of these!


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