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  1. c. tab says:

    As a n ex developer, UNIX guru and long time tester in that order I’ve been irritated by these recent agile evangelists who seem to want to rip up history and start again.seemingly ignoring the inconvenient fact that a new release with bug fixes will probably bring some new bugs too. Forgetting that waterfall is ‘old hat’ to the V model people too, but still using waterfall as if it was the only alternative. I’ve tested in a small team on a small project with iterations and minimal documentation. The progress was clear, the bugs were raised and fixed promptly. I’ve been part of an agile scrum team where the users were invisible, requirements were open to interpretation, sprints were inadequately defined, and yet because of everyone’s dedication it muddled through and was delivered to the user’s satisfaction.
    My best recent project was adding some recognisable structure to a previously developer team -lead project which ended up being V model with monthly releases of updated features and weekly releases of service-desk originated fixes. no-one mentioned agile. the users knew what was coming, the developers probably wanted agile, but were content with the level of ‘activity(?)’ the test team raised the communication game and adopted more efficient and open procedures – as did the dev team, and everyone started taking the Business Analysts seriously.
    I don’t want to completely dis Agile but it’s not the silver bullet management has been persuaded .
    Anyway keep up the good work

  2. I have read most of the articles in your blog. I too have grown weary of agile. I would rather work alone or with a tight knit group of friends building something together. Most of the time the scrum masters are inexperienced project managers so they are more like overseers than they are an advocate for the team. I especially dislike daily standups (daily status meetings). If your team is communicating they already know what the other team members are working on. I am glad someone is articulating how I feel about agile.

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