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My Fix for the “CreateRiaClientFilesTask task failed unexpectedly. — Attempted to access an unloaded AppDomain” error

I finally found a solution to the “CreateRiaClientFilesTask task failed unexpectedly. — Attempted to access an unloaded AppDomain” problem in Visual Studio which had been affecting me for many weeks on my current project. Googling it seems many people are struggling with it; … Continue reading

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New Cassini for Framework 3.5

Cassini is a stand-alone web server that you can use to deploy your ASP.NET web applications. Cassini has been updated by it’s author to now run as a single .exe without needing to be deployed in the GAC! This is … Continue reading

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What to do when Scrum/XP isn’t working in your shop?

By this time, probably at least a few shops have given a try to Agile and Scrum.  For some, things have probably been going fine. For others, perhaps not so fine.  What to do when Agile/Scrum isn’t working for your … Continue reading

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