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Enthusiasm and Astroturfing in the Agile Landscape

Agile is so cool isn’t it? And our team is so much more productive since we’ve switched to Scrum — in fact we’ve decided to reorganize our entire lives around lean/kanban culture It seems like you can’t browse anywhere without … Continue reading

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Lack of Scrum Success stories a Growing Concern?

Scrum is nearly 20 years old and has enjoyed significant popularity in recent years. But that popularity has not manifested itself in terms of visible success. There have been repeated requests, for success stories, both here on my blog, as … Continue reading

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Refactoring the Scrum Lexicon

There has been much discussion lately regarding reforming some of the words in the Scrum Lexicon. I welcome such long overdue discussion, for several reasons. 1) It obviously demonstrates that even the founders feel that modification is necessary, and thus … Continue reading

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The Japanese Roots of “Scrum”, Part I

I’m sure many of us in the software development world are aware of “Scrum.” Scrum was derived from a Seminal Paper by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka It is certainly worth a read (linked above). From now on in this … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Anti-Patterns in Scrum and XP

How to improve your teams communication and eradicate harmful communication patterns Continue reading

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The flawed rhetoric about “Scrum” and “Organizational Dysfunction”

One of the most bizarre, yet highly touted, “features” of Scrum is that it “exposes Organizational Dysfunction”. Not mere team based, project based, or even departmental dysfunction, but Organizational Dysfunction … enterprise wide. Now this is crazy on so many … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Emergent Design/Subsequent Refactorings

In my previous post, I demonstrated that even with a lowered cost of change curve, change is still expensive. But, you might say, OK, we agree with that, so we’ll try to do more up front analysis and try to … Continue reading

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