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Get your Agile Laundry

Recently an agile blogger had tweeted that the most mundane tasks can seem cool, if you preface it with the word agile. Eg, “Agile Laundry”, “Agile Chores”, etc… I had responded with, well, maybe you’ll finally realize that agile has … Continue reading

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The New New Agile Manifesto

We value Things that are new and shiny over things that are proven and effective Slogans and promises over working software Methodologies and practices over individuals and innovation Certifications over common sense and aptitude Group think over critical thought We … Continue reading

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Howto: Create and Promote a new (but popular) Agile Methodolology

1) Make sure it has a board. The bigger the better. It doesn’t really matter what information is on the board, as long as the board is there

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