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Excellent NYT Article on Open Office, Groupthink, Concentration and Productivity

I read a very interesting article over here:┬áNYT: The Rise of the New Groupthink Which covers a number of distinct, yet interrelated subjects, such as: concentration and reduction in bugs, open office spaces, and groupthink. Ultimately the author demonstrates that … Continue reading

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Howto: Create and Promote a new (but popular) Agile Methodolology

1) Make sure it has a board. The bigger the better. It doesn’t really matter what information is on the board, as long as the board is there

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Is Scrum just a series of Mini Waterfalls?

To many, sprinting through Scrum feels suspiciously like Mini Waterfalls; others state that that is merely a “bad smell” and Scrum is not just a series of mini waterfalls. Which is correct? Although the odor may be pungent, to me … Continue reading

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Scrum as the new “Command and Control”

Scrum promises an end to “command and control” management. But does it really? Let’s look at this in depth: 1) In the old way everyone had one professional manager they reported to 2) That manager may assign tasks or allow … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Emergent Design/Subsequent Refactorings

In my previous post, I demonstrated that even with a lowered cost of change curve, change is still expensive. But, you might say, OK, we agree with that, so we’ll try to do more up front analysis and try to … Continue reading

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