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The Quest for the One True Way

One thing that has always confused me about the “agile movement” is their quest to find the One True Way of managing software projects, which is best for ALL software projects. This has never made sense to me; there are … Continue reading

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Responding to Change over Following a Plan = Technical Debt

So, in this post, I will demonstrate that following agile methodologies in general, and the agile manifesto in particular, will lead to the accumulation of technical debt. As we know, the ‘festo states that they value “Responding to Change Over … Continue reading

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Howto: Create and Promote a new (but popular) Agile Methodolology

1) Make sure it has a board. The bigger the better. It doesn’t really matter what information is on the board, as long as the board is there

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Planet of the eXtreme Programmers, 10th Anniv. Edition

Remember XP? Pair Programming? Onsite¬†customers? Sure, most of that is passe¬†now, but we have new fads that are just as silly (Scrum, etc). So, in a spirit of humor and nostalgia, I am reposting my original story, Planet of the … Continue reading

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Are you an independent thinker or just an Agile Parrot?

There are two kinds of blog posters out there: 1) Independent thinkers who have their own opinion or conclusions about things, and write about them 2) Parrots who regurgitate what others have written with little to no original content. When … Continue reading

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Job Titles and Pay Scale in an Agile World

Many “Agile Methods” such as Scrum and XP suggest (or command) that there shall be no job titles on the team. What are the implications of this? Although this “utopian” view suggests that all team members are equal, this would … Continue reading

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Scrum and XP as related to the Agile Manifesto

People often point to the manifesto to justify aspects of Scrum or XP. They’ll say “see right here in the manifesto it says that….” These folks need to learn a little history.

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