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Evidence that Scrum is in decline?

It has often been stated, in various surveys and blogs, that Scrum is used in somewhere between 50% and 75% of all agile projects. However, my research shows a different story. I examined two different job sites,, and the … Continue reading

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Excellent NYT Article on Open Office, Groupthink, Concentration and Productivity

I read a very interesting article over here:┬áNYT: The Rise of the New Groupthink Which covers a number of distinct, yet interrelated subjects, such as: concentration and reduction in bugs, open office spaces, and groupthink. Ultimately the author demonstrates that … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand cuts, Agile/Scrum style — an example

TerraT posted an interesting comment on this blog post. I thoght I’d repost it here since it is illustrative of the slippery slope a project can get on when doing a “by the book” agile adoption and what the ramifications … Continue reading

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