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Responding to Change over Following a Plan = Technical Debt

So, in this post, I will demonstrate that following agile methodologies in general, and the agile manifesto in particular, will lead to the accumulation of technical debt. As we know, the ‘festo states that they value “Responding to Change Over … Continue reading

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The New New Agile Manifesto

We value Things that are new and shiny over things that are proven and effective Slogans and promises over working software Methodologies and practices over individuals and innovation Certifications over common sense and aptitude Group think over critical thought We … Continue reading

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Scrum and XP as related to the Agile Manifesto

People often point to the manifesto to justify aspects of Scrum or XP. They’ll say “see right here in the manifesto it says that….” These folks need to learn a little history.

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