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The flawed rhetoric about “Scrum” and “Organizational Dysfunction”

One of the most bizarre, yet highly touted, “features” of Scrum is that it “exposes Organizational Dysfunction”. Not mere team based, project based, or even departmental dysfunction, but Organizational Dysfunction … enterprise wide. Now this is crazy on so many … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Emergent Design/Subsequent Refactorings

In my previous post, I demonstrated that even with a lowered cost of change curve, change is still expensive. But, you might say, OK, we agree with that, so we’ll try to do more up front analysis and try to … Continue reading

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New Cassini for Framework 3.5

Cassini is a stand-alone web server that you can use to deploy your ASP.NET web applications. Cassini has been updated by it’s author to now run as a single .exe without needing to be deployed in the GAC! This is … Continue reading

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